Pre-mainstory eventsEdit

Around 13 years ago Edit

  • An unknown incident happens in Mayview[1]
  • Lucifer pulls Spender out of a lake[2]
  • Isaac is born

Around 12 years agoEdit

  • Max and everyone else his age in the comic are born

Around 9 years agoEdit

Around 5 years agoEdit

  • Isabel and Ed were playing and Isabel ended up getting bitten by a doberman. This event traumatized her. To give her some more confidence, Francisco Guerra gave her a tool containing Eightfold.[3]
  • Max asks his mother to go to the holepit with some friends.[4]
  • Max's mom dies sometime after the event with the hole pit.[5]

Around 2 or 3 years agoEdit

Less than a year agoEdit

  • Suzy starts attending the Journalism Club at the start of sixth grade.[8]

Mainstory eventsEdit

Day OneEdit

  • Max and his family moves to Mayview.

Day TwoEdit

  • The date is September 25, 20XX.[9]
  • Max's first day of school in Mayview. On his journey to school, his spectral powers first appear, he helps Isabel and Ed defeat a bat spirit.
  • The Corner Store is attacked by Gorf.

Day ThreeEdit

  • Max's bat gains their spectral powers.
  • Max officially accepts being part of the activity club.
  • Forge arrives outside of Mayview.

Day FourEdit

  • The Activity club crosses the barrier with the Ghost Train to meet Agent Day. The train gets complicated and Richard ends up in a fight against Forge.

Day Five Edit

  • Hijack infiltrates the school.

Unknown datesEdit

  • Max's dad moves from Mayview to Baxborough.
  • P.J. dies in his pajamas.
  • A colleague of Spender makes a barrier around the town of Mayview.
  • Francisco Guerra retires from The Activity Consortium and opens the Dojo to train other spectrals.
  • Spender is taught by Francisco.
  • Within the last two years the Activity club has fought a huge, furry white and purple monkey spirit and a pink arachnid spirit which spews ectoplasm.[6]
  • Ed and Isabel move to Fransisco's dojo to train.
  • Eightfold eats Spender's library of scholarly volumes written by spectrals within the last two years.[10]