Texas Walker
Boss Leader's second-in-command. Very frank, hates lies and secrets. Often at odds with Spender. Has a day job as a cowboy or forest ranger or somethin'.
First Appearance Chapter 3, Page 40Pnat
Age Adult
Species Human
Class Spectral
Spectral Energy Color
Status Alive

Texas Walker[1] is a spectral outside of Mayview. He has not been seen in person, but he's been encountered in the dream that all Activity Consortium spectrals share to meet up in a safe location. It is implied that some people might look a little different in reality from what they look like in the dream.


Walker does not like holding things a secret, and likewise does not like other people keeping secrets from him. In his room in the Consortium he is seen heavily drinking booze, and Spender additionally refers to him as a "drunken cowboy".

Mr. Walker seems to be a ranger, judging from his hat and his dreamscape, which is decorated with mountains, forests, stars, and a bonfire. In addition, one panel shows him meeting with an agent of the Cousinhood of Man shows him deep inside a forest, supporting this as his actual occupation.


Richard SpenderEdit

Walker does not like Mr. Spender much—mostly because the latter holds so many secrets from everyone, including Boss Leader. Texas does not seem to be very fond of "fancy" terms Spender uses either, such as "pray tell".

Boss LeaderEdit

Boss Leader does not seem to respect Walker enough to have him informed with plans he himself is part of; however, this may have been because she wished to see Walker's reaction. She also seems not to prefer using Walker for investigation—she is quoted as only wishing to involve him when she wants to have something broken.

Isabel GuerraEdit

It's implied that Isabel has met Walker in person before,[2] but otherwise, their relationship is unknown. This would also imply that his existence is not a secret to Isaac, as she mentions him in front of Isaac.


Walker has only been seen using minimal amounts of spectral energy in the comic, but as a spectral he can presumably access all the normal powers attendant to being a spectral.


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