First Appearance Chapter 2, Page 20Pnat
Species Spirit
Spectral Energy Color
Status Tooled Up in Baseball Bat

Scrapdragon is the name of the spirit possessing Max's bat. It has yet to be officially named in-comic (outside a brief reference from Max),[1] but its name was confirmed by Zack Morrison on their Tumblr.


According to Boss Leader, Scrapdragon is a grudge, causing it to be more violent and bestial than its unseen true form. That being said, Scrapdragon doesn't seem capable of much thought or understanding, behaving much like a curious animal during its first meeting with Max, before throwing him off the Ghost Train in a panic after he bumped it with his bat.


Time Snake

During Max's state of heightened perception, lots of scrap appears around the area.

Scrapdragon is an enormous spirit easily rivaling the Ghost Train in length. Although in its appearances thus far the spirit has been in a grudge state so its current size may or may not be accurate to its true appearance. The three slits in its face are some of the most interesting parts of its anatomy, as they can switch between being containing eyes, mouths, or nostrils (in either red or blue similar to the poles of most magnets). It can change the positions of these features at will, having two sets of eyes at one moment and two mouths at another.

Magnetic Master Edit

The spirit can attract and repel metal in enormous quantities. In the vision Max saw atop the Ghost Train it coated itself in a veritable suit of armor out of scrap metal, and could send all the nearby scrap flying outwards with a single repulsive roar.


References Edit

  1. Chapter 4, Page 108Pnat
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