Peekaboo is a small, ghost-like spirit who possesses Dimitri Danger. He appears to have not seen Dimitri for a long time.

Appearance Edit

Peekaboo takes the appearance of what a child would draw a ghost to be like. It has a white tube-like body with no limbs and black circles for eyes as well as a black mouth. It's also rather small, about the quarter of the size of its host.

Personality Edit

Peekaboo appears to have the mindset of a child, referring to Dimitri as "Didi", himself in the third person, and describing his abilities as his "Peeka-powers". It's implied that he's capable of being horrifying or dangerous, as he asks Dimitri if he's no longer angry or afraid of him anymore, to which Dimitri responds with a distinct aloofness.

Abilities Edit

Body Manipulation Edit

Peekaboo can warp and distort his body to dodge projectiles and wrap around objects. This power makes a distinct "wrrwrr" sound when used.

Relationships Edit

Dimitri Danger Edit

Current host of Peekaboo. Responds to Peekaboo with short responses and does not seem to want to be close to Peekaboo (becoming distant when asked if he was still afraid and/or mad at Peekaboo), although it's implied that they were closer in the past.

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