First Appearance Chapter 5 Page 110Pnat
Age Unknown
Species Spirit
Spectral Energy Color
Status Tooled Up in Glasses
Patchworm is a spirit currently aiding Consortium agent Mina Zarei. She resembles a cocoon coated in colored lights, and her abilities have healing properties. Speaks in multiple colors in a slightly disjointed manner.

Relationships Edit

Mina Zarei Edit

Patchworm is Zarei's primary spirit who has presumably known Zarei for many years and adored her for her kindness and often tries to praise her efforts. She questions Zarei's methods in trying to keep tabs on Spender, suggesting she simply talk to him as a friend.

Abilities Edit

Healing Layer Edit

While inside Mina Zarei's glasses, the good doctor can absorb wounds and replace it with a layer of skin. She can then operate on the wound remotely by recreating that layer of skin elsewhere and transfer the result back to the original when finished.


  • Pronouns were revealed in the archive alt text for Chapter 5, Page 114: "Patchworm has words with Zarei and is pleased when she reads warmth into her partner's sudden outburst"
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