The second chapter of Paranatural, titled Max and the Midnight Visitor, began on 10/17/2011 and ended on 5/8/2012. It was preceded by The Activity Club and the New Kid and followed by Max, Isaac, and the Secret Shortcut.

Chapter 2 shows Max's second night in Mayview as he deals with both friendly and unfriendly visitors from the spirit world.

Summary Edit

The chapter starts off with PJ trying to sneak up on Max on the second night of his residence in Mayview. Max quickly befriends PJ, Lefty, and Hissin' Pete, but is made aware of the presence of an ominous spirit disturbing the spirits all over the house. The four go to investigate and find a half-whale/half-frog spirit down in the Corner Store. At first Max considers fighting the spirit alone, but calls for backup when he sees it eating its own reflection.

Max is found before backup arrives and is forced to fight the brutal spirit and its powers over reflections on his own. The spirit pins him down against a wall and is about to strike when suddenly, time appears to freeze and the whole room seems to be filled with scrap metal and a bright orange light. Outside the store Max can see the neck and head of a strange black snake spirit.

Before Max can wonder about the vision, time slowly continues and Max is able to dodge the punch. Edward Burger then appears and takes the Whale-Frog's attention. The Whale-Frog makes itself grow in size and attacks PJ and Lefty. While it's distracted, Ed uses his tool to slice the spirit's head open, killing it on the spot. The spirit then possesses a plunger which Ed takes with him when he leaves. Max and Isabel have a brief conversation about Max's new abilities, leaving after Max accuses Ed of nearly hitting him with a metal can, which Ed debunks.

Trivia Edit

  • The chapter's cover includes allusions to the following:
    • Scrapdragon and the sunset-lit piles of junk seen during Max's vision.
    • An aisle of the Corner Store.
    • The lantern Max, PJ, and Lefty use to wander the halls of the store.
    • A pool of water, foreshadowing Gorf's reflection-based power.
    • The street light outside where Isabel was waiting.
  • Max and the Midnight Visitor is to date the shortest chapter of Paranatural, clocking in at only 30 pages.
  • Paranatural's 100th page was reached during this chapter.

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