First Appearance Chapter 4, Page 42Pnat
Species Spirit
Status Alive

Nin is a spirit that seems to be able to produce darkness and can possibly duplicate herself into multiple bodies. Her appearance is based off a ninja combined with a rabbit, and her face is painted similarly to a kabuki mask.


Nin and her kind seem to be rather good humored, frequently joking with each other and the more stoic Forge (claiming that serious types like him are "the most fun to crack"). Despite their good nature, they seem to take their mission seriously, dismissing Forge's protests about being able to forcibly use the Ghost Train or the "unethical" way of bypassing the barrier, as well as becoming slightly unnerved by his attempts to command the Vile Spirits.



Nin does not seem to know Forge personally before their meeting in the forest, but they have a mutual friend in Doorman. She seems to think he's a little too serious and is slightly skeptical towards him.


Like Forge, they are allied with Doorman and serve the same master. She is on much friendlier terms with Doorman, although their opinions of humanity differ and she questions his relationship with Isaac.


In line with her thematic base of a ninja, Nin has impressive speed and agility that let her quickly leap great distances. Her (or one of her duplicates) was at one point seen pulling out sharp claws, so she has some means of direct attack. The exact nature of her powers is unknown, but she is believed to be capable of the following:

Darkness Generation Edit

Nin has an ability that allows her to cloak herself in complete darkness, with only her glowing red eyes visible through the shadow. The shadow emanates outward with her as the center and travels with her as she moves.

Self-Duplication Edit

Nin has the (unconfirmed) power to create copies of herself at will, and have the copies vanish just as easily. Her duplicates have minds of their own, but they all work off of Nin's will. The number of copies she can create has unknown limits (if any), with the most duplicates seen at one time being six.


  • Nin was nicknamed "Duskbunny" by fans, as a pun/pormanteau on the words "dustbunny" and "dusk".
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