The spirit in Spender's sunglasses, a stuffy old wizard of light. Shares a common mission with Spender, whom he treats like his apprentice and guides on the path of cold reason. Keeps the darkness in.

Probably Not Literally Satan
First Appearance Chapter 4, Page 9Pnat
Age 600
Species Spirit
Spectral Energy Color
 Assumed Yellow
Status Tooled Up in Glasses

Lucifer is the spirit possessing Richard Spender's sunglasses. He has control over light, and takes the form of a combination of a birdcage and a lightbulb. 13 years ago, he was involved in saving Spender at the bottom of a lake.


He seems to be friendly and proper, talking with a measure of politeness with his spectral regardless of the current situation. The text in his speech bubbles implies an odd speech pattern as it shifts between lighter and darker text (as if portions of his text is illuminated) and periodically alternates between upper and lower case letters.

He considers emotions a hindrance, and scolds Spender whenever his emotions cloud his judgement, such as picking a fight with Forge which endangered Max and Isabel.


Richard SpenderEdit

Lucifer appears to be very friendly with his spectral, encouraging him on his dress before his meeting with Boss Leader, as well as speaking (relatively) politely with Spender during the fight with Forge despite the rather intense circumstances. They seem to have the shared goals of "saving the town" and keeping hold of their shared nightmare. However, when losing patience with Spender's hesitance, he angrily expresses extreme disappointment in him.


While possessing Spender's sunglasses, he appears to be caging the spirit possessing Spender with the shadow cast by his head. It takes a tremendous effort on his part, however, and thus takes umbrage to Spender using his other powers lightly.

Light Solidification Edit

Manipulation of light, and light based attacks. Namely, can solidify light and allow it to be manipulated like a physical object. Also appears to be able to generate light freely.


  • Lucifer shares his name with the biblical Satan, a fact which is poked fun at in Alt text and his section in the cast page. As the name means "light-bringer", it's fitting for a light-based spirit.
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