Isaac O'Connor
A member of the Activity Club. His temper gets in the way of his pledge to do others no harm. Kept in the dark about the Activity Club's parent organization for unknown reasons. Possesses startling hair.
First Appearance Chapter 1, Page 29Pnat
Age 13[1]
Species Human
Class Medium
Spectral Energy Color
Status Alive

Isaac O'Connor[2] is one of the main characters of Paranatural, the medium of King C., and a member of the Activity Club.


Isaac was a student at Mayview Middle School before awakening as a spectral and enrolling in the school's Activity Club at least 2 years ago[note 1], a newer member compared to Isabel and Ed. Due to his possession by King C, he is barred from most Consortium discussions, which has made him spiteful towards Mr. Spender.

Paranatural Edit

Isaac overhears Max's inquiry to Suzy and Collin about a spirit he saw earlier and visited Mr. Spender to inform him and get the club together. However, Mr. Spender told him to wait until he had him in his class for Isaac to approach him, telling him that they had time before Max's powers fully developed. Isaac later tried calling out to Max as he was entering Mr. Spender's classroom, but opted to signal Spender behind Max's back instead.

He later appeared in the Activity Clubroom, witnessing a Gobbledygook eating spirits on the second floor through one of the computers. After Ed and Isabel take off to take care of it, Isaac and Spender would soon be on the scene to witness Max using a tool to deal a final blow to the spirit himself. Isaac helps carry Max back to the Activity Club room after he fainted to help explain to him about spirits.

Isaac visits the Corner Store the next day to buy a snack only to find out Max lives there as well. When he sympathizes with Max's frustration on how little he knows, he suggests Max follow him through a shortcut to Mayview Middle School, on the way explaining the process of spirits possessing objects and his status as a medium, while also stating that he is the most powerful kid in the Activity Club. After running away from Johnny and Ollie, they come across the Sphinx of Games, with Isaac telling Max he'd take care of it, splitting up. After failing his game of riddles, the Sphinx gives chase, and Ollie later finds Isaac and the two pursuers proceed to beat him up. Later, Isaac rejoins Max in the field and stops the Sphinx with his weather powers in front of a seemingly unconscious Johnny. After reminding the Sphinx it added its rule about eating them after the game started (rendering it null), it leaves. They promptly flee and meet Isaac's "shortcut", the Doorman, who admonishes Isaac for abusing their trust by bringing Max to his location and unintentionally considered the Doorman as a function. Nevertheless, Doorman forgives him and lets him through.

During the Activity Club's mission aboard the Ghost Train, Isaac was teamed up with Ed, and the two proceeded to have an off-screen encounter with a spirit named General Emerald. Afterwards he kicked down at least 30 sliding doors (failing at only the last one) to make a more dramatic entrance, which failed. Afterwards he, Ed, and Isabel try to run to Max's aid when Max is trapped on the tracks. When Max was rescued he was at first concerned for Max and Isabel's wellbeing, however he quickly becomes angry when Max says that Agent Day is an Agent and not a friend, as he earlier stated, because he is often left out of Consortium secrets.


Isaac is very short-tempered, and generally gets angry when he's slighted, such as when Spender censors himself to withhold information from him or when anyone makes fun of him. Despite his temper, he follows a strict oath of justice, swearing to walk on the path of non-violence. He can be somewhat sarcastic and snarky, but generally is reasonable and considerate.

He is curious to know more about the spirit world, and is very resentful to being left out of any sort of details that involve the supernatural.

He feels like the odd man out in the Activity club. He wishes he could be included in the group instead of as an outsider. He also wishes he could know 'who decided he wasn't good enough'.

He seems to feel remorseful about the unknown incident that happened in the past. He suspects it is the reason he is not told about the parent organization.


Maxwell Puckett Edit

The two are "friend[s] in the loose sense of the word" with Isaac intending to use Max to get answers from Mr. Spender. While this plan fails almost immediately, he still seems to be on friendlier terms with Max than the rest of the club. After Isaac discovers Max has been told information he hasn't and didn't share it with him he feels betrayed by Max.

Richard Spender Edit

Isaac is not very fond of Spender or his teaching strategies, as he is constantly frustrated by his vagueness and tendency to only reveal unimportant factoids (generally while in the presence of danger). Is constantly "undermining his authority". 

Doorman Edit

Looks up to him as a teacher and a friend, taking an oath with him to not abuse his powers for violence. Doorman also lets Isaac frequently use his portal powers, on the condition that he not reveal Doorman's location.

Isabel Guerra Edit

Isabel and Isaac are not on great terms, with Isabel regarding Isaac as a "jerk", though she still considers him a friend. Isaac, on the other hand, seems to think that Isabel hates him.

Edward BurgerEdit

Ed and Isaac rarely interact with each other. The two were less than enthusiastic about being paired together to patrol the Ghost Train with Ed protesting that Isaac was a "nerd", though they seemed to work fairly well together.

King C.Edit

Isaac is closer (in a more literal sense of the word) with his spirit than the rest of the club, as he is directly possessed by him as a medium. Despite this, he and King C. are always at odds due to their conflicting views of justice, with the latter condemning the former's friendship with Doorman and oath of pacifism as well as his membership in the Activity Club (as this would mean Spender would have authority over Isaac, and indirectly himself).


Like all spectrals, Isaac has the power of ghost sight and interaction, meaning he can physically interact with those of the spiritual world where others cannot. He also has power over his spectral energy, however, aside from Maxwell he is the least skilled in energy manipulation in the Activity Club, which is probably related to his lack of training and information.

Medium Edit

As a medium, he can enter a state of heightened perception much more easily than his teammates, simply requesting his spirit to "pull him in". Being possessed by a thunderous weather spirit, Isaac has the ability to create weather-based attacks, such as lightning, rain, snow, and winds. He can use these in a multitude of ways, such as when he created a burst of wind from underneath him to propel him over a fence, then used the same ability around his arm when punching the Sphinx of Games, then creating a small rainstorm over it. These powers are incredibly localized in range however, as he is not powerful enough to change weather on a large scale. These powers are also visible to normal people, as the materials it manipulates is not supernatural in nature.


  • Isaac is a vegetarian. In chapter 3, he purchases and consumes a Semi-Vegan Breakfast Chew[3], and in the Backyard Barbecue wallpaper, he is eating a salad.[4] In chapter 5, he states that he doesn't eat meat.[5]
  • Isaac claims that he could destroy both Ed and Isabel together [6]
  • According to Isabel, Isaac's favorite anime is called ChivalryXRomance. [7]

Gallery Edit


  1. Zack's Comments, page 48: "...Isabel’s three years comment was supposed to be a reference to her meeting Isaac, and I mixed up the time frame later on. Two is the canon number of years. Chalk that one up to Isabel being forgetty, I guess? Haha"


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