Time did not freeze. You were just in a state of heightened perception. Had you remained in communion with your spirit for longer, you would have noticed objects moving, albeit very slowly.
Time Snake

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Heightened perception[1], also known as a spirit trance[2], is an ability seemingly all spectrals have. The spectral's spirit pulls them into such a mental state where time seems to move at a slower rate, and the two are able to meet face-to-face. Despite this meeting being purely mental in nature, the spectral and spirit can still physically affect one another. If a spectral uses multiple tools at once or is a medium using a tool, the multiple spirits can similarly interact with each other[3].

During a spirit trance, the surrounding area will look somehow different as an effect of the spirit. The worlds experienced are not wholly unique; they more accurately imprint themselves on the surrounding environment, looking more like alternate versions of the area. Each experienced world is unique to each spirit, and is often tied to the spirit's ability or nature in some fashion.

Known Spirit Worlds Edit

  • Scrapdragon: Manifests as an almost apocalyptic world filled with piles of metal garbage and junk strewn about.
  • King C.: Seen briefly, appears as a ruined South-American/Indian temple with stormy weather throughout.
  • Lucifer: Seen briefly, seems to be a dilapidated classical manor.
  • Eightfold: Manifests as a great library filled with all the books Eightfold has eaten.
  • Muse: Seen briefly, seems to be a white void with sketchy spirals growing out of the ground like plants. Other people as well as some objects are depicted as doodles.
  • Patchworm: A lush and dense jungle with a seemingly cobblestone floor.
  • Ghost Train: A colossal factory with train tracks on the ground.
  • Venus Guytrap: A Greco-Roman ruin coated in roses and other flowers.
  • Flipflop: A dilapidated subway station.
  • Peekaboo: A large mansion filled with old toys.

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