Whale frog
First Appearance Chapter 2, Page 7Pnat
Species Spirit
Spectral Energy Color
Status Tooled Up in Plunger

Gorf,[1] formerly known by the nickname "Racist Whale-Frog" given by Zack Morrison via alt-text,[2] is a spirit that intruded on the Corner Store during Max's second night in Mayview.


He appears to have a great hatred for Spectrals. In addition, he is incredibly vain, constantly calling himself perfect. He is also incredibly picky, choosing not to possess Mr. Puckett because he was instantly fed up with his sleep talking, preferring instead to possess any random object he might get a hold of.

Paranatural Edit

Whale frog ghost

Gorf in his weakened form.

His presence in the Corner Store was first given away by Hissin' Pete freaking out about something downstairs. When Max found him, he appeared to be pulling his own reflections out of clear surfaces and eating them. Initially believing Max to be a fellow spirit, he becomes violent upon realizing Max is actually a spectral. Gorf, Max, PJ, and Lefty have a long fight in the store before Isabel and Ed arrive to offer assistance.

Gorf was killed after his head was split open by Ed, causing all the clones he created to vanish. At the last moment, he managed to possess a plunger, which was taken by Ed and later given to PJ by Max.


  • Can create crude copies of beings from any reflective surface mirroring their image, although he does not need to be directly near the surface to do so. He evidently uses this power primarily as a means to feed, as he was first seen eating reflections of himself.
  • Can inflate himself to a great size (although this may be a grudge form and thus inherent to his species).

Trivia Edit

  • Although his gender has not been referred to in-comic, it was revealed in the mouseover text for the archive page's link to Chapter 2, Page 27: "Disappointed with his human host options, the spirit decides to possess a toilet plunger".


  2. "Racist whale-frogs and what have you." Chapter 2, Page 15Pnat Has since been changed to "Murderous whale-frogs and what have you."
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