Heh heh. Tough luck, kid. Looks like it's four on zero.

Gage is a character in Paranatural. He is a student at Mayview Academy and a member of the Delinquent Trio alongside Paige and Youth Culture.

Appearance Edit

Gage has medium-length brown hair covered by a gray hoodie. He has two black ear gauges. In Chapter 6, Gage wears a teal blazer over a black hoodie, teal pants with several large rips in them, and gray-and-white sneakers. In Chapter 4, he wears a green variation of the same blazer.

Paranatural Edit

Chapter 4 Edit

After being alerted by PJ about shoplifters stealing glitter and energy drinks from the Corner Store during a game night with Zoey and Mr. Puckett, Maxwell Puckett goes downstairs with his bat and confronts the three delinquents, pretending to call the cops on them. Though Gage begins to confront Max, Paige tells him to calm down and leave, which they do.

Chapter 6 Edit


Trivia Edit

Corner Store - Ch4Pg2 01
  • On Chapter 4, Page 2Pnat, 19 pages prior to their official debut, three shadowed figures resembling Delinquent Gang can be seen inside the Corner Store.

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