Francisco Guerra[1] is the coach in Mayview's Dojo, and is Isabel's grandfather. He is also a retired member of the Activity Consortium, but regularly trains its current members.


He is a strict individual, speaking with most people in a gruff and direct manner. He expects near-perfection in his students, especially his granddaughter, Isabel. He dislikes the idea of reliance on tools or spirits, favoring and advocating instead the use of one's own spectral energy.

He is a very conceited man, and often wonders how a perfect specimen such as himself could have produced such a troublesome granddaughter as Isabel.


Isabel GuerraEdit

He tends to view Isabel as a mild disappointment, due to her lack of discipline. He sees her potential as being held back by her pride and hotheadedness, and their relationship is generally rather cold.

In order to provide her with a sense of security following her run-in with a dog, he gifted Isabel with Eightfold's tool. He despises the fact that Isabel became dependent on using a tool instead of her spectral power, and gives her a weapon to protect herself after she lost Eightfold that he considers so useless it would force Isabel to rely on her spectral powers more.

Edward BurgerEdit

Francisco does not seem to put much effort in Ed, calling him a freeloader and not caring when he skips out of practice.

Richard SpenderEdit

He considers Spender a terrible judge of character and not very smart, he does not particularly like the path Spender takes in his task to protect Mayview, stating that eventually he will fall to the hands of someone as a villain. Nonetheless he agrees to not threaten Spender's task and advises him to be extremely cautious with his words, lest the wrong person hears it. Though he states he and Spender could do great things as partners, he dislikes him for being such a nerd.


As head of his dojo, it's assumed his prowess in the Spectral Arts is unmatched by anyone in Mayview. He is able to form advanced techniques in spectral energy and the inventor of the spectral energy compression projectile burstshot, an awkwardly long-named technique that allows one to shoot spectral energy like bullets. To further cement his abilities, he is labelled by Lucifer as Mayview's true strongest spectral.


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