An ancient spirit of fire and blacksmithery. Stoic, powerful, single. Seems to be in cahoots with Doorman to some extent. Wants in past the barrier that surrounds Mayview.
First Appearance Chapter 4 Page 1Pnat
Age Unknown, presumed Over 100.
Species Spirit
Spectral Energy Color
Status Possessing a Medium

Forge is a powerful and aggressive spirit from outside Mayview. His design is based on a forge and an anvil. He is currently possessing Johnny Jhonny.[1] He was the primary antagonist of Chapter 4.


While he seems to (very loosely) consider himself on the side of the "good guys" he seems to be some form of mercenary with an extremely aggressive and hostile personality; attempting to command the Vile Spirits before lashing out at them after they taunt him. He also readily maims the Ghost Train to present Spender with the ultimatum of fighting him or saving it. Despite his rather hostile demeanor however, he seems to hold some degree of honor and morals, demanding Spender fight at his full potential as well as becoming momentarily shaken after learning that the Ghost Train had children on-board, afterwards trying to shift the blame for it onto Spender rather than himself.

Paranatural Edit

Forge came to Mayview at the request of Doorman and his mysterious master to aid in their unknown agenda. He originally intended to get through the border around Mayview by creating a metal door and matching key and using Doorman's powers to create a portal to enter through. At the Mayview border, he is welcomed by Nin who gives him a debriefing on how they plan for him to enter the town. This plan starts to go awry however when the meeting is interrupted by three Vile Spirits that incite him to throw away his hammer, his primary source of metal needed to create the door.

Later that evening, Forge had managed to get enough metal together to create an inadequately-sized door when the Ghost Train roars past him. Noting that the Train would provide all the metal we would need and more, he briefly considers taking the opportunity before noticing one of the Vile Spirits bowing at his feet. This did not go unnoticed by a pursuing Richard Spender, who declares Forge immediately suspicious at the sight. Having been warned of the "sunglasses spectral" by Nin before, Forge collects himself before engaging in a grueling brawl with Spender.

The battle goes on for a long while, during which Forge reveals some part of his goal in Mayview, and that he views his role in Doorman and his master's ultimate plan as a means of personal redemption, all claims that are laughed off by Spender. Though Forge initially had the upper hand, in disbelieve that Spender was even considered a threat, he is eventually defeated after Spender uses his abilities to erase Forge's entire lower body in one fatal strike, and he readies himself for oblivion. However, when Spender gets distracted by a far-off Max's scream, Forge takes the opportunity to escape deep into the woods. After Max is rescued and the Ghost Train is re-entering the town, Forge's weakened spirit comes across a wandering Johnny and his gang, takes the opportunity to possess Johnny, and uses his body to sneak past the border.



Nin doesn't seem to know Forge personally before their meeting in the forest, but they share a mutual friend in Doorman. Forge does not find her joking humorous.


He appears to know and be allied with Doorman, possessing a small portal with which he can send the latter objects. The motives behind this alliance are currently unknown.


Forge is a physically impressive spirit with great power bolstered by a metal suit of armor. He is a poltergeist and can manipulate physical objects, including the heavy metal his powers manipulate. Additionally, Forge can speak High Spirit and knows at least one Cursed Word.

Fire/Heat Generation Edit

Forge's body can generate intense flames, from basic fire-breathing to throwing balls of fire at enemies and even heating up portions of his own body.

Metalworking Edit

Given the material to work with, Forge can meld metal into any shape he desires quickly and efficiently. While he can create impressive weaponry with this power (his hammer and the ax used against Spender included), it relies on having metal available to reshape and without it Forge must rely on other means of offense. This power may be related to his heat/fire-related abilities (heating up his hands to heat the metal and therefore meld it, akin to how actual metalworking operates).

Trivia Edit

  • It should be noted that Forge's armor was invisible at the beginning of Chapter 4 (implying it was a part of his body) but remained after his defeat at Spender's hand. This suggests that the armor was made of some kind of spectral metal separate from his true body.


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