Boss Leader
Boss and leader of the Activity Consortium, the parent organization of the Activity Club. Seems to have some power over the dream world that is their base. Playfully torments her underlings
First Appearance Chapter 4, Page 17Pnat
Age Adult
Species Human
Class Medium
Spectral Energy Color
Status Alive

Boss Leader (B.L. for short) is the boss and leader of an international organization of spectrals known as The Activity Consortium, and is a medium for a spirit of dreams. Her face has not been shown in-comic yet, due half to it being covered in bandages and half for the dream world distorting whatever features may be behind them.


By her own description, she likes to drop in on people unannounced because it lets her see people's real faces and it also makes her seem mysterious. Though a decisive leader, she does not seem to take her employees seriously, often making fun of them and scaring them out of their wits whenever she wants.

Despite this, she means well towards everyone despite knowing that inhuman choices can be made with the best intentions, and seems remorseful for any harm done to innocent people because of her actions.


Richard SpenderEdit

The two have a relatively friendly relationship; however, she still manipulates Spender like her other agents by forcing an internal investigation on Mayview to check on how Spender is managing it. While she still trusts he has good intentions, she finds his secrecy worrisome.

Texas WalkerEdit

B.L. does not seem to take Texas seriously nor does she think he's very smart, stating that she wouldn't send him anywhere unless she wants something broken. She also doesn't bother keeping him informed on a plan he himself was involved in.

The Cousinhood of ManEdit

She refers to the Cousinhood as weirdos that are dangerous, gross, and "really super icky," but she may have said this to provoke a reaction from Spender. During her meeting with Max, she referred to the Cousinhood as a "tangentially supernatural organization" and their agents as "dogs". Her true opinion is unknown.

Maxwell PuckettEdit

She meets Max when he was rendered unconscious after he was thrown out Ghost Train. She freely informs him about the Activity Consortium, their goals, and her proposition for him to spy on Spender's activities through informing Agent Day. She is also impressed with Max's logical sense when he declines her offer to destroy his feral spirit. Although he rejects her propositions on principle, he holds no ill will, and didn't blame her for the unexpected danger that entailed during their meet-and-greet mission, which she is thankful for.


As the boss and leader of the Consortium, it is assumed she has power over everything they do. Boss Leader has a unique spectral energy color, being the only spectral seen thus far with white energy.

Medium Edit

As a medium of a "spirit of dreams", she can enter people's subconscious at will as well as being able to manipulate their dreams, including changing the shape of her own body and altering the dream's perceived duration. Her abilities also allow several different people to enter the same dream together, utilizing this ability to create the base for the Activity Consortium's Headquarters.

Thanks to the subconscious nature of the dreamworld, she can see and interact with the true forms of the weakened spirits inside tools and mediums. This allows her to permanently destroy them, as seen when she offered to kill Scrapdragon for Max's safety.

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