Agent Savage
First Appearance Chapter 4, Page 70Pnat
Age Adult
Species Human
Class Spectral
Spectral Energy Color
Tool Grabber Toy
Status Alive

Agent Savage[1] is an agent of the Activity Consortium sent to Mayview to look over the Ghost Train with Mina Zarei and Agent Griggs. Savage has the distinction of being the agent responsible for the Ghost Train's demise and trapping the main cast inside the Mayview barrier.

Paranatural Edit

Savage and Griggs were watching over the Ghost Train with Mina Zarei during the night of the Activity Club's meet-and-greet with Agent Day. When the Train eventually returned to their camp, the three were unaware of the events that had unfolded outside the barrier, and so Dr. Zarei removed one of Day's Love Arrows from the Train's smokestack. This unwittingly caused the Train to enter a feral state and forced Agent Savage to use her tool to quickly defeat the locomotive. While this stopped the Train's rampage it had the unfortunate consequence of eliminating the only way for spectrals to enter or leave Mayview and trapping everybody inside until the Train fully healed itself.

The next day both Savage and Griggs were caught spying on a meeting between Day and Zarei.

Abilities Edit

Tools Edit


Savage's tool in action against the Ghost Train.

Agent Savage's tool is a dinosaur-shaped grabbing toy that grants her the ability to manipulate objects at a distance, akin to the act of pretending to smash distant objects between one's fingers. This power was capable of smashing the metal Ghost Train between its jaws without any resistance, so the ability's raw strength is presumably immense.


  • Zack's Twitter implies that she is the lead singer of Anarchyopteryx.[2][3]


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