I... it was attacking you.
— Agent Savage to Mina Zarei regarding the Ghost Train (Chapter 4, Page 146Pnat)

Agent Savage[1] is an agent of the Activity Consortium sent to Mayview to look over the Ghost Train with Mina Zarei and Agent Griggs. Savage has the distinction of being the agent responsible for the Ghost Train's demise and trapping the main cast inside the Mayview barrier.

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Agent Savage has a tuft of blonde hair at the front of her mainly-shaved head, and she has metal piercings in her chin and both ears. During Chapter 4, she wears the Activity Consortium's uniform. During Chapter 5, she wears a black jacket over a red shirt, a violet skirt, and red high heels.

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Chapter 4 Edit

Savage and Griggs were watching over the Ghost Train with Mina Zarei during the night of the Activity Club's meet-and-greet with Agent Day. When the spirit eventually returned to their camp, Zarei removes the Love Arrow from its smokestack, causing it to enter a feral state. Agent Savage hastily crushes the spirit with her tool; afterwards, Zarei informs her that she's just trapped them all in Mayview. Afterwards, Savage can be seen speaking with Griggs, Zarei, Day, and Mr. Spender, where she asks about a workaround to exiting the barrier.

Chapter 5 Edit

Agent Savage Anarchyopteryx Ch5Pg187

Chapter 5, Page 187Pnat

While Johnny Jhonny explains R.J.'s backstory to Ed Burger, he mentions a band called Anarchyopteryx opening for Insolent Children whose lead singer bears a strong resemblance to Agent Savage.

Throughout Zarei and Day's meeting at the Mayview Mini Mall, Savage and Griggs can be seen spying in the background. After Zarei leaves to deal with Hijack, Day calls the two out and asks them to cover the bill.

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Savage's tool in action against the Ghost Train.

Agent Savage's tool is a dinosaur-shaped grabbing toy that grants her the ability to manipulate objects at a distance, akin to the act of pretending to smash distant objects between one's fingers. This power was capable of smashing the metal Ghost Train between its jaws without any resistance, so the ability's raw strength is presumably immense.


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